The Future of Bartending


is fostering innovation in the alcohol industry by automating operational and process management.

We develop automation products to improve efficiency at high volume alcohol consuming venues. These include nightclubs, bars, festivals, concerts, stadiums and arenas.

Our clients are based globally and face diverse challenges in their operational channels. This is why we cater to each with a fresh perspective and employ our products with a creative approach to customise solutions.


We have 3 leading products for potential clients.

Pours 6 pints of beer in less than 10 seconds

Our flagship product, allows customers to order, pay and receive up to drinks in under a minute

Introduces a revolutionary new way of inhaling shots, mixers and cocktails


  • I told you if you can fix my problem of theft, I would buy your machine right now. So I guess I'm buying the machine right now.

    Alex Bracken CEO, 4Front.
  • This would be great for our nightclubs Koko and Infernos, especially during peak hours.

    David Hanson Director, Mint Group.


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